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Mineralogical Record - Erongo 2006

Dioptase, Shattuckite
Kaokoland / Kaokoveld Specimens

Shattuckite Okatumba Kaokoveld Namibia
Malachite in Quartz
from Okatumba Kaokoveld Namibia.
Price: Mixed
ID Nr: OS3

Shattuckite Okatumba Kaokoveld Namibia
Malachite in Quartz with Shattuckite
from Okatumba Kaokoveld Namibia.
Price: Mixed
ID Nr: OS7
Shattuckite vug filling Kaokoveld Namibia
Shattuckite vug filling
from Kaokoveld Namibia.
Price: Mixed
ID Nr: SS002

Mining at Okatumba.

Kaokoveld Mining Dioptase Shattuckite

Have a look at this increadable quartz. Enhydro (water bubble) and
strange orange circular object that moves too. Looks like rope...
The Himba people say it is the soal of one of them.... mmmm....

Kaokoveld included Quartz

After drilling all the holes we are getting ready to set off a blast and make a mine of it.
Kaokoveld Mining Dioptase Shattuckite

The cortex connected to each hole with explosices.
Kaokoveld Mining Cortex Explosives

Dust fills the air as the rumbling comes to a halt.
Kaokoveld Mining Blast Explosion

The big cleanup operation and hunting for specimens and minerals.
Kaokoveld Mining Dioptase Shattuckite

WOW, found something ! ! !
Kaokoveld Mining Dioptase Shattuckite

New Hole
The beginning of great things.

Prospecting mining Namibia
As we progress we found some interesting cavities.

butterfly namibia
Even the butterflies approve.

Dioptase malachite shattuckite
Dioptase, malachite and shattuckite.

Dioptase encluded quarts
Quartz with dioptase inside the 2nd generation.

shattuckite fingers
Shattuckite with quartz "fingers".

Copyright : J.F. Smith
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